Why Join Elevate?

We offer more than just a place to hang your license!

Our main purpose is to provide a back end office support system, with a company that thrives on a high level of professionalism and values. If you’re not the type of person that will do the right thing, no matter what the consequence, we are not the right place for you to “hang your license”. Upholding a high level of service and ethical business practices are of paramount importance to us.

Here is what we can promise you: We will not micromanage you or your business, but we will support you!

This company was designed for the independent agent, who needs assistance from time to time, but that is a self-starter and motivated to do well on their own. That said, we strive to live up to our name Elevate. We will not hesitate to return a license to the state if our ethical and professional guidelines are compromised or our level of service falls below acceptable standards by individual agents.

For more details, check out our MISSION STATEMENTS!